Way To  Connect Your Cannon Printer To Your Wifi

Cannon Gives You A perfect Print With the every passing day, technology is becoming more efficient, more user friendly, more effective and handy. Today we are having updated versions of each and every electronic item, and cannon are one of them, amidst multiple brands of printers in the market. Cannon is best known for its high quality printing and is the first choice of user when it comes to a perfect print. So, to get a perfect print we need a perfect setup. 
Know wireless connection setup
You must have heard of a famous quote that, ‘Modern Problem Requires a modern solution’ and Cannon have really bought a very effective and a modern solution to the problem of typical wired connection of the printer. And that solution is the wireless connectivity of Cannon printer. The wireless setup of this printer is used to connect computer of a user and the Canon Printer wireless Setup.This wireless connection will help the user to print anywhere at anytime. Connecting the printer wirelessly makes it more handy and effective as any saved file in the device can be printed anytime just by a click. All you need to do is select the file and get it printed. 
Here are the ways to setup the printer wirelessly 
Now when it comes to setup a wireless connection we often go mad, worried and take is more typically than what actually it is. But wireless connection of Cannon printer on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or android phone is really a very easy task. All you need to do is essentially download the “Cannon Printer App”, press your printer wireless to connect button, and information stored on your device including your WiFi Password and name, this will automatically be moved to make the setup process quicker.
Methods of WiFi Setup of Canon Printer
 There are two methods for wireless connections, first one being the WPS method and the other one is the Standard connection method. Any of these two methods can be used for a wireless setup; however your Cannon printer must be capable of connecting with the internet before you proceed. 
Let’s Begin With TheWPS Setup Connection Method
Before proceeding this should be kept in mind that this method is commonly used for the Windows and Ma coperating systems.  The wireless router has a push-up button installed for the WPS, then go to wireless connection settings on your computer and enable the WEP security.  Follow the followings steps to connect the Cannon printer to WiFi: Ø  Turn on the Cannon printer and make sure the router is placed nearby so that WPS could be in reach.Ø  Hold the WiFi button till the light gets on.Ø  Wait for 2 minutes, and then press the WPS button installed on the router.Ø  If blue WiFi light gets on, it indicates the network searching. Once it get connected to wireless network the lights will be still.Ø  Now try to print a page from Cannon printer.Ø  Put the sheets in the printer and ensure its proper working.  This way you will be able to connect your Cannon printer to WiFi network. 
Cannon Standard Connection Method
In case the router does nothave a WPS feature installed , you can use the Standard Connection Method.  Network Settings v  To enable network settings connect computer to theprinter.v  Load input tray with the papers.v  Resume or Cancel button is to be pressed and held forfew seconds.v  Check the connection status.v  Then verify the network name. After the network setting isdone move on to initial preparations:  Initial Preparationsv  Switch on the printer and ensure it is properlyconnected for setup. In case of wired connections Ethernet cable is required.v  Check the installation of required drivers, connectprinter to internet and have a look at the speed.v  In case of the router, you need to connect thecomputer and printer to router. 
Cannon Printer Setup For Windows OS:
v  Open settings.v  Click on devices.v  Select printer and scannerv  Add printer or scanner.v  Connect it to same network as of printer.
 This way cannon Wireless Printer setup is completed.
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